Chairman finds treasure at Broomy hill 18th Jan 2014

Hinton Club Chairman has found possibly the Holy Grail for Hinton Football clubs main pitch problems at Broomy hill, when spending a Saturday morning frustrated with another waterlogged postponed set of matches, Graham Andrews started to clear out the debris that has fallen into the two brooks that meander behind the far goal.  The steady work was showing good progress at the top of the brooks and the flow was increasing well in the cleared areas, however at the far end the water was creating an enlarging pool.  Discovering that a makeshift bridge was blocking the water course, this was removed and swiftly uncovered the treasure. 

The treasure in this case was not gold,  but the outlet into the brook of the land drains that are under the main pitch.  The discovered flow was a trickle from the outlet pipe ,but with a little persuasion the debris was removed and the volume of water increased to a very swift current of clear water.

Hopefully this will be the  good luck discovery  Hinton require to resolve the historic waterlogging problems at Broomy hill.

A future brook clearance project looks like its needs planning to remove the potential to have additional  flooding in this area, but this is good start.