On this page you will find a list of our Coaches, Committee Members and Active Volunteers with relevant contact details.

All of our members are UNPAID VOLUNTEERS who give up many hours of their free time to keep the club clean and tidy, running properly, safe and enjoyable for all of our players/children, and to provide quality coaching and hopefully successful teams.

If anyone would like to become a Coach, Committee Members or Volunteer, or would just like to support the club in any way you can, please contact any of the Committee listed below. All active Members of the club will be expected to have a current DBS in place.

Club Officials names & numbers


Hinton F.C. Chairman                                          Graham Andrews 07974447622


Senior Secretary/Club Welfare Officer                Graham Goodfellow 07734004157


Junior Secretary:                                                   Karen Magness 07790215837


Club Treasurer:                                                     Sam Birch 07866829746


Juniors Welfare Officers:                                      Simon Hall 07773364049


                                                                              Alan Preissler 07769 176759


Team Managers/Coaches

Hinton Veterans: Rod Haslam 07854239342 rodhaslam15@hotmail.comHinton

1st Team: Mike Marsden 07932117303 M_marsden@yahoo.comHinton, Rod Haslam 07854239342 rodhaslam15@hotmail.comHinton 

Reserve Team: Connor Lambert 07426 151875 connor.lambert1795@gmail.com Neil Marshal 07946 477848 mrnmarshall87@gmail.comHinton

U17: Connor Lambert 07426 151875 connor.lambert1795@gmail.com - Alan Preissler 07769 176759 aj.preissler@icloud.com

Hinton U10 Boys/Girls: Mike Andrews 07917 275042 mjandrews76@hotmail.com - Steve Gibbs 07904 286015 spgibbs70@gmail.com

Hinton U12: Darren Birch 07817105904 samanddaz@gmail.com - Rod Haslam 07854239342 rodhaslam15@hotmail.com

Hinton U13: Paul Price 07772 233636 paulandrewprice@yahoo.co.uk

Hinton U14: Wayne Teale 07580488118 wasoak15@gmail.com - Paul Thomas 07966387912 tommoaston@hotmail.comHinton

U16 Tigers Girls: Dave Hopson 07423266761 d.hopson@zoho.com - Howard Magness 07484627015 howard.magness@bt.com

Hinton CP/Disability Football: Connor Lambert 07426 151875 connor.lambert1795@gmail.com

Club Volunteers 

Head Groundsman: Mark Lambert

Additional Committee Members: Dawn Nichols, Kenny Scotford, Becka Smith

Life presidents: Bob Semple, Colin Taylor, Paul Chapman.