Sponsors of Hinton Football Club

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Below is a list of businesses that have generously donated money, kit or equipment to Hinton Football Club.

These donations Hinton Football Club support the club financially and we thank you for your continued support.

For details on how to become part of the Hinton Football Club family, please follow this link  Sponsorship opportunities or open the PDF file above.

If you have any questions please contact Steve Cuss at hintoncussy@hotmail.co.uk.  

 SportsBallShop.co.uk have generously donated £30 worth of equipment to Hinton through their fantastic campaign to help football clubs. If you are with another football club and would like to benefit from this campaign please visit their website through the link below.



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Please visit the site at

Under 18s Sponsor

The Potting Shed

 Ground Maintenance at Broomy hill by


Email: office@highgroundmaintenance.co.uk


Colin Beavan Landscapes

Grass, trees, landscapes and general land maintenance

TEL: 07802525402

Email: colinbeavanlandscapes@live.co.uk