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First Prize:  A Colour Television with Freeview                                               02536 Nick Hall

Second Prize:  A HUDL tablet device                                                              02941  S Russell

3rd Prize DAB Radio                                                                                        02914 M Russell

4th Prize Christmas cake (Kindly Donated by Simon Russell)                                                    01145  Brad Matthews

5th Prize A Bottle of Whiskey (Kindly Donated by Graham Goodfellow)                                 01241 Isla Haslam

6th Prize  A Bottle of wine (Kindly Donated by Graham Goodfellow)                                        00809 Driscoll

7th Prize Festive 5 CD set                                                                               02953 L Thomas

8th Prize Wash bag and grooming set                                                            01235 Rod Haslam

9th Prize Chocolates                                                                                       00434 Ken Scotford

10th Prize Chocolates                                                                                     00758 M Honey

11th Prize Chocolates                                                                                     00377 Fran Chamberlain

12th Prize Christmas socks                                                                             01137 Brad Matthews

The raffle was drawn on the 21st December at the Potting Shed, during the very well attended senior sections Christmas night out.  Approximately 30% of the total takings has been used to fund the prizes. 

Thank you, to all entrants, donations and the persistence to sell the tickets to successfully raise funds for Hinton Football Club .   These funds will  go directly into running the club amenities, such as water, electric, building repairs and general up keep of the Broomy hill ground

Thank you from your support of Hinton Football Club

Merry Christmas

Graham Andrews