Codes Of Conduct 

At Hinton FC we take Player, Coach and Parent behaviour very seriously. As a club we fully support the FA Respect Program and expect everyone involved at Hinton to act in a sporting, encouraging and respectfull manner.

Please find below extracts from the clubs codes of conduct which can be found in our Welcome Pack.

Our code of conduct is essential to the success and future development of Hinton Junior Football Club. We strive to create a positive atmosphere, free from foul and abusive language, undue pressure, embarrassment and prejudice. This is crucial in order for the children to be able to play, develop, enjoy and express themselves. Please support the children by abiding by this simple code of conduct.
Foul and abusive language from Players, Parents, Team Officials or Spectators will not be tolerated.
Players, Parents, Team Officials & Spectators are requested to respect the Referee and Officials and any decisions they make. No abuse of Referees or Officials will be tolerated.
All persons are expected to let the children play without being embarrassed by screaming and shouting  
from the touchline. Players often become distracted and confused when hearing conflicting comments and 
instructions from the touchline, and as a result their performance, confidence and enjoyment may suffer.
We encourage positive support from all by means such as “Well done” or “Great pass” as opposed to  
criticism for mistakes. Young children do not respond well to negative feedback and such must be avoided.
Serious Disciplinary Issues will be dealt with by the Club Committee in conjunction with the HFA and the  
team Manager. Parents may be requested to attend any Disciplinary hearing held.
The taking of pictures or the videoing of the children is strictly forbidden without prior permission of the  
club and the parents of ALL the children involved. 
Failure to comply with this code may result in exclusion of individual Players, Parents, Coaches,    
Managers or Spectators from the club.
All Hinton Coaches have signed up to the Clubs “Code of Conduct for Coaches” which is available by request