Herefordshire County Cup 13th Oct 2015

Hereford FC v Hinton FC

The first HFA county cup fixture for Hereford FC was an Edgar Street fixture against one of the county's oldest clubs.

The high graded Hereford FC delivered a resounding success in the match to lead 2-0 at half time and 7-0 as the Hinton teams legs showed the difference between training twice a week and the Hinton training frequency of once every two months!

The Broomy hill team, displayed a great team spirit and never die attitude that has long been established in the Hinton FC teams, to continue to challenge every contest and make Hereford work hard to break down the resistance that Hinton FC showed.

Please view these photographs, Videos and press links on the match

Come on Hinton!

Steve Nibbletts match day photographs link1 and link 2

Bulls news link lots of photographs here

Video link 1

Video link 2

Video link 3

Video link 4

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