Herefordshire Premier League 2014-15

Match Reports

14th Feb 2015

Westfields Res 0 v 3 Hinton

A cup final presence now secured by Hinton following the comprehensive victory over a very strong Westfield's team, that contained a few first team squad players and some very experienced players amongst the developing young players that the city rivals have within their structure.  The opening minutes were lively as expected, with Hinton looking to correct the previous semi final encounter between these team, and making his seasons debut keeper Jamie Comb was swiftly in action with some regulation keeping that we have come to expected from this pair of save hands.  The home side had the upper hand a little and Hinton U17 player Levi Ellis playing for Westfield's was provided with three good chances but could not beat the Hinton defensive guard. 

The game was good pacey event and when Harry Wright was withdrawn from the game with Hamstring problem, veteran Darren Birch formed the midfield partnership with Mike Marsden to again deliver a master class in  working together, positioning and dominance.  Marsden was a hallmark of the desire within the squad for the match and for securing the place in Clubsport final, with providing a solid base that permitted the wide play of Shane Cuss and Jack Trattell to flourish and start in the second half a serious threat on the oppositions goal.

The opening goal came from a corner that Callum Ditchfield supplied the deft touch to beat another Hinton U17s player playing for Westfield's in goal, Jason Davies, and then the dominance really came to the fore.  Whilst Comb had to deal with cold feet through the inactivity he was now experiencing as the flow of game became one way and the visitors delivered attack after attack, on Davies goal and it was not long until Matt Aubrey second the Hinton second goal as Shane Cuss and Brad Matthews combined to cross and Aubrey to fire into the net on the front post.  Buoyant with ambition now the third goal was always coming and when Cuss, Matthews and Walmsley harassed the flagging Westfields defence it arrived with the defence left  Davies stranded and Cuss scored.

This was a great, and just reward for all, as the passion was attitude was exactly what was required and managers Andrews and Trattell must be happy this week, and take some thing from that fact that their tactics and team selection was perfect for the fixture.  A final fixture against Pegasus Res is now to be arranged as Hinton look for silverware again.

25th Jan 2015

Hinton 0 v 1 Westfields Res

A semi final of a very winnable cup competition, and the whodo of a debut keeper and one shot Westfields struck again.

The open minutes were once again sloppy by Hinton and from a Free kick Luke Brimfield lost the flight of the ball in the low sun and the parried ball was placed into the Hinton net within 5 minutes of the game.  This then stirred the Hinton boys into action who the dominated the remaining 85 minutes and played with plenty of vigour and passion, but the elusive equalising goal would not appear.  Good chances fell to Steve Cuss and Chris Fox who both hit the posts with shots, aDamian Gallimores free kick required an acrobatic save from the Hinton U17 keeper who was in goal for the visitors, and then Neil Walmsley, Shane Cuss, Tom Dawson and Brad Matthews all had opportunities to see the ball nestle in the visitors net, but it was not to be.

A winning attitude and quality in attacking performance is all that is missing with this squad, that was depleted a little this week with three players joining the short staffed reserves, but this was winnable cup tie that needs to be remembered so the squad focus on  having to experience the disappointment again of losing to a solidarity shot in a game

10th Jan 2015

Tenbury United 0 v 2 Hinton

The first game of the new year, saw Hinton provide  the second defeat to Tenbury united to leave the previous comments of the Tenbury manager ringing in his ears, as they fail to beat teams like Hinton!

This weeks match report is provided by a ground hopper that has previously followed a Hinton game and has generously provide a report and plenty of photograhs.


more photos came be found here

13th December 2014

Hinton 1 v 6 Ewyas Harold

The second and third placed teams in the HPL faced off against each other at Broomy hill, and at the final whistle the visitors claimed the points, and had delivered a lesson in taking your chances to score when they appear and in also believe and commitment throughout a game.

The inability of Hinton being to able to field a settled team each week, is unwanted task for the management team of Andrews and Trattell and this week was no different to any of the previous weeks as absence and illness again incurred changes to the squad, but despite pre match approach of a Sunday pub team Hinton settled well, and swiftly took a deserved lead when Rod Haslam provided a perfect defence splitting pass to allow Jack Trattell to race on and deliver a left foot cross into the path of Shane Cuss to fire home fro close range.  An excellent goal from start to finish, and this fast, accurate design of play is exactly what has been missing in recent weeks. Come on Hinton!

The visitors then moved up in their ambition and Sam Scotford was required to be alert with two good saves, but the lead should have been increased when Trattell again delivered a perfect cross to invite the charging Mike Marsden to make contact with, but Marsden missed the contact and therefore the chance to increase the score line.  The game was an even contest and when Neil Walmsley had to leave the field with a back injury, the introduction of Dean Drewezski provided different problems for Harold and a string of fouls provided a series of free kicks, and from one of these Haslam saw a great save tip the ball over the cross bar by the goal keeper.

As half time loomed, and low sun continue to provide defensive problem with a dropping ball, and silhouetting players to add confusion, and soon the score was levelled when Hinton didn't clear a corner, and the more spritely striker poked the ball in the net, this was then swiftly followed by a second when an under hit pass by young Harry Wright was incepted and although Scotford dealt well with the resulting attack and the ball went wide the ball was pulled back to the penalty spot area from fine diving headed goal.

The second half was quite uneventful for Hinton except for a strike by Jack Trattell that was just wide, and host of changes being made to the playing formation and positions of players due to injury, fitness, or ambition to pull the result back into Hinton's favour.  Five subs is possibly not the best option, at times?

The visitors continued to mount attacks, and demonstrated a greater desire in that final area of the pitch to increase the score line, and as Hinton's frustration again showed with the match referee, for the second occasion this season decisions continued to go in the visitors favour, and with that the lads confidence drive and ambition declined and the score line steady increased.

There is much to learned from this games, in the attitude of the players prematch during the week, through all the match day activities, and the desire to win every challenge provided to them, as individuals and as a team.  Winning is habit that must be earned by the want to be victorious, and to be the best in that challenge.  This is the challenge that now must be taken up by the management team, and all the players involved in games so far this season.

Any more results like this and the Chairman may need to communicate a vote of confidence the Andrews future as the manager?

6th December Leominster 0 v 2 Hinton

It has been a long time since a Hinton headline contained, Marsden and Birch both scoring, but this was the outcome of a game that should have been secured well before the 85th minutes when Darren Birch crashed the ball into the Leominster net to secure the 3 points for the Broomy boys.  Birch doesn't score boring goals and this was another goal that will be described in years to come as " I was there when Birchy hit that scorcher at Leominster from 30 yards", and it was deserved goal for the industry into the game that Birch had delivered in the unusual placing of centre midfield, which was required due to more player availability problems this week.

The midfield duo of Birch and Mike Marsden was in fine form and rolling back the years with a fine display of roles requirements against a Leominster team that struggled to get through Hinton for long periods of the game.  The opening goal of the game cam on 15 minutes and belonged to Marsden, as he ran through into a position in front of the goal to be provided the a pulled back pass by Matt Aubrey that allowed Marsden to slot home with aplomb.  The majority of the passages of play belonged to Hinton, and Aubrey was misfiring on all cylinders this week and could have had bag of goals before half time on other occasions, but not on this occasion as the usual precision was not in his boots.  These were not the only chances, as Joe Beach, Neil Walmsley, Chris Fox, Thai Craft all had chances to score and failed to see the correct part of the net ripple with success.

The defensive line saw the playing return of Callum Ditchfield, with a pairing with Rob James, and Steve Cuss and Chris Fox in the wider positions, forming a solid resistance in front Sam Scotford in goal.  The calmness of Ditchfield and James allowed Cuss and Fox to foray forward frequently although Fox ran out of fuel and had to be topped up with  a Fruit shoot drink supplied by Paul Trattell, shame it was sugar free, and Fox had to struggle through to half time before getting a sugar rush.

The second half is not as well reported sorry, but early in the period Rob James was replaced due to injury, and with a reshuffle Brad Matthews joined the game and immediately looked keen to gaining a starting place again.  The game remained in Hinton's control, however on two occasions the Leominster players called for penalty, and on the second shout they were successful, but clean score lines are what Trattell and Andrews expect from this Hinton team, and Scotford was up for the task as he dived majestically to save the well struck spot kick to preserve that nil score line, this seemed to boost the Hinton players and from this Marsden drove the team on to victory and see Marsden collected the coveted Man of the match award from his team mates

29th November Hinton 0 v 1 Fownhope

It would seem that Hinton are not very successful when playing against teams that wear green playing strip as again this season Fownhope grasped the points from Hinton, in a game that Hinton dominated for large spells without finding the final cutting edge to take the lead or equalise.  The Broomy hill team started briskly with Steve Cuss pushing forward and delivering two strikes on goal that didn't trouble the visiting goal keeper, but provided the opposition with a swift insight into the attacking confidence this years Hinton team has.

This weeks now routine swap around of the squad, saw Neil Walmsley as Striker with Jack Trattell, Dean Drewezski, and Shane Cuss being busy around the striker, and it was soon in the game that Walmsley was aggrieved when he appeared to be pushed to the ground when setting for a shot, but the referee waved play on, in game where the referee slowy became a pivotal decision maker or maybe that is lack of decision maker?

The Hinton defence was looking solid again with an enforced change in Chris Fox replacing Rod Haslam for the kick off as the centre back partner of Rob James, with full backs of Cuss and Darren Birch, while the holding midfield of Harry Wright and Mike Marsden was breaking up play Fownhope hoped to make and made the visitors result to long ball tactics.  The Hinton attacks were constant and chances continued to be made with young Trattell delivering crosses  with the now accustomed accuracy, but with no one in red quite up to meeting the deliveries, so when Drewezski was sent through onto goal and hauled to the ground by the final defender, all of Hinton was up in arms but the referee refused to deliver the red card and Fownhope were lucky to have full team in play.

In a rare attack on the Hinton goal Sam Scotford came to clear with a punch that didn't quite travel as far as intended, and the very next flow of play saw a weak shot provided by the visitors and as Scotford set himself for a simple catch, his footing disappeared and the luckless Scotford saw the ball travel over his head into the net.  Hugely against the run of play, this didn't change the ambition in the team, and a continued assault in the opposition goal continued, with Wright seeing a saved shot, Marsden running through from a James chipped ball to square the cross to find no Hinton player closing in?  The dugout looked to  make a change and with a change in formation Haslam entered the game, and young Wright was rested, and the onslaught of the visitors goal continued. 

The break saw Hinton return to pitch keen to get the game back to level,  and chances came and went for Walmsley and Drewezski as the front pairing, and with the floodlights at Broomy now illuminating the pitch, it seemed as if the equaliser would only be a matter of team.  Another change was delivered when Brad Matthews replaced Walmsley and soon was providing a different challenge for the frantic defending that was thwarting Hinton.  In sequence of four corners Hinton saw chances for Haslam,  Steve Cuss, Birch, Trattell, Shane Cuss, Drewezski, James, Marsden fail to bulge the visitors net, in yet another game were the visitors keeper must have been in with a chance of gaining their man of the match award.

In the closing stages Scotford had to remain alert as a back pass failed to travel the distance to Scotford, and the visitors striker with fleet of foot closed on the Hinton goal but found Scotford  to agile and grabbed the ball into safety.  But as the action was mostly in the other direction, Hinton were again frustrated whenthe referee again declined Hinton a penalty, in a game were he was neither here or there in his decision making, and keen to keep 22 players on the pitch, which may be good, but the laws of the game are the laws?

Hinton must find the deadliness in front of goal soon, as this will alleviate, so many other frustration that arise in the games, but heads up were remain a key side in league, and in the top half which is important for us all at this stage of the season.

Come on Hinton  

22nd November Orleton 0 v2 Hinton

A trip to the north of the county this Saturday for the first team squad that was bolstered by two new signing to Hinton FC.  Joe Beach has transferred from Holme Lacy and Sam Scotford has rejoined Hinton after a very short lived switch to Holme lacy, it is great to see players coming to Hinton FC, and in Sam and Joe we have made two great signings.

Andrews and Trattell again had to shuffle the formation with the unavailability of some squad players, but the available squad was good, and provide a good coverage of all positions, and collectively were keen to avenge the score line in the previous encounter between these teams, where Orleton delivered a determined performance to take all three points from Broomy.

The game commenced with a autumn low sun behind Scotfords goal, and the local team looked confident in their play, so when Shane Cuss was adjudged to have brought down the Orleton striker on the edge of the penalty box within the first 10 minutes, it was with a sigh of relief to see the twice taken freekick sail over the bar.  A few words of encouragement transferred between the Hinton players and it soon that Matt Aubrey found himself through on goal, but scuffed his shot, in what now looks as if it was only a sighting effort, for moments later Mike Marsden provided Aubrey with a perfect pass for Aubrey to step inside the defender and unleash a 30 yard shot that bugled the net. Come on Hinton! 0-1

The Orleton pitch is on great soil and the grass was thick and plentiful on this large playing area, and eventually Hinton settled into formation playing and supported Aubrey better in the attacks, Neil Walmsley, Steve Cuss and Jack Trattell all improved the  attacking options, with Steve Cuss having three shooting chances that he would have hoped in the future he would be striking better than in this game.  There was a spell of 15 minutes when the flow of play was all Hinton, with all the confidence and training sessions looking to have become embedded in the method of play, to create another chance for Aubrey to try his luck from distance and it required a great save to deny a second goal.  The home team, pressed as the half closed in and Scotford was required to execute a strong handed save to retain the advantage to Hinton at the turn around point.

During the break, it was discovered that Harry Wright was suffering with a migraine, and after a swift bit of scribbling in the managers book a formation was devised, with players available and Joe Beach was entered into the game on the left side with Walmsley becoming more central to work with Marsden and Shane Cuss.  The defensive back four of Darren Birch, Rob James, Steve Cuss and Rod Haslam were a solid formation again this week, with a calmness in all aspects of play again to provide a firm base to commence all attacks from.  The game became more even and the locals pressed forward a lot more so in the final player change of the game, Birch was replaced by Brad Matthews in to midfield with Trattell returning to right back to counter the threat that Orleton had on their left wing, this change looked ok and soon the formation was changed to plan to move to 4-4-2, with Matthews joining the attacks.  This change delivered exactly the anticipated effect and Hinton regained full control of the game with the back four smothering all Orleton attacks, Marsden, Beach, Walmsley and Shane Cuss  in midfield controlling the pace and plays, and Matthews providing a new lively threat in front of goal.

The second and game deciding goal followed this described dominant play by Hinton, and after a wayward shot by Walmsley Hinton gained a corner and Trattell again pinpoint delivery fell superbly for Robbie James to round off another great performance with a headed goal, that then provided a diving celebration, that will now rival Thai Crafts previous celebrations as the standard for all  Hinton goals.

So up to third spot in the league and providing a  challenge for the title.  Come on Hinton!

15th November Hinton 2 v " Pegasus Reserves 4-1 pens

The comes a time in every time in team, when you want to see a leader come to the fore and grasp the challenge for the rest of the team to follow, and in this fixture that leader arrived in the form of team captain Rod Haslam.  The game opened with Hinton confidence high, and despite the visitors having plenty of possession of the ball the threat on Jon Hopkins goal was non existent in the first half and Hinton looked dangerous with every attack.  The solid defensive line formed in front of Hopkins by Haslam, Darren Birch, Robbie James and Steve Cuss was being a the springboard for all attacks and it was soon that the wide play of Jack Trattell and Dean Drewezski began to flourish and Pegasus were being penned back and rarely in the Hinton half.  The opening goal was delivered by in form Drewezski when he showed a fleet of foot to cut inside the fullback and shoot low and wide of the outstretched keeper, a great and deserved goal, which was then quickly added to by  Thai Craft who was working very hard in all aspects of the role up front and closed the defender to rob the ball and advanced on goal to shoot low, and then reel off to celebrate a fine solo goal.

The visitor heads were low, and additional chances arrived, but could not increase the score due to a goal line clearance from a Haslam shot, a fantastic save from Haslam header and an unfortunate Craft who couldn't the ball from under his feet to a open Matt Aubrey who was in fine form in the forward position and creating a host of problems for Pegasus defenders.

Half time saw a change in formations to the visitors, and also in the flow game as Hinton made some personnel changes that were not as successful as hoped, with the withdraw of young Harry Wright being the most significant, as with the returning Mike Marsden the pair were ruling the midfield with robust method of winning all challenges and supplying the ball into the creative Hinton attackers.  The game was more even, but chances arrived for Wright, Birch, Rob James with a powerful strike, and Drewezski who hit the crossbar.  The introduction of Brad Matthews and Nigel Mosinski up front saw the pair work hard, but the luck again didn't flow with the lads, despite both players working very hard, and it was the visitors that found the net.  The first visitors goal was a well struck shot that gave Hopkins no chance while the second was in the final minute of the game and was a far post tap in, both scored by two lively young Pegasus players that will have great football futures on todays display.  The extra time period was played under floodlights, with Chris Fox joining the game to replace Birch and after cagey first 15 minutes where Fox instilled a calmness into the Hinton back line again, and allowed the second half to be dominated by Hinton with a constant sequence of corners and free kicks into the Pegasus box , it looked like a winning goal was on it way, James, Haslam, Matthews all had chances and Trattell again came alive in the final part of the game with pin point accuracy of his delivery, but not goals and penalties!

As this report started, when you look for leaders they are sometimes hard to find, so when Andrews went to list the players to take the penalties, up stepped the team captain "I'll take one, and it will be the first one"  The scene was set, Haslam GOAL, Pegasus Goal, James GOAL, Pegasus SAVED by Hopkins, Birch GOAL,  Pegasus MISSED ( crossbar), Cuss GOAL !!!!!  Come on Hinton Next round here we come!

25th October Hinton 1 v 5 Orleton Colts

The unavailability of players continues to frustrate the team selection for managers Andrews and Trattell, as with this game Hinton started without a recognised keeper after the unsuccessful attempts with seven available options to secure, the position without weakening the Reserves team.  So in to the breach volunteered Gavin Taylor, and contrary to the score line, Taylor produced a performance that was very acceptable including an excellent penalty save following its award to Orleton.

The visitors started well, and Chris Fox and Simon Thompson, did well to protect Taylor in goal with some fine challenges, but it was the hosts that looked the more dangerous in  attack and when Jack Trattell fired his trademark cross into the penalty area Thai Craft rose well to direct a header low and goalward only to see the visitors keeper fly full length to finger tip the ball wide of the goal, a great save.  This lifted the lads, and soon Steve Cuss was running the visiting right back ragged with a series of runs and crosses, but alas the these were not capitalised on by Hinton.

A few formation changes were made by Hinton, as Hinton looked to get Rod Haslam, Nigel Mosinski and Gareth Bowley more into the game, and with a Half time discussion ending with the demand to up the quality, the players returned to the pitch, confidence remained high that this score line would be soon be in Hinton's favour.  The intent was looking good for Hinton and when Haslam was brought down for a penalty appeal there was general amazement on the refusal by the referee to point to the spot., and it seemed from this point the wheels slowly became undone.  The referee seemed to differ on the style of challenge allowed to occur in the game, and Callum Ditchfield, and Rob James, seemed to be the most frustrated with these decisions.  Rob James was having a great game, and now returning into regular games looked a definite selection for future games.

The game went into the final minutes with Hinton now behind by three goals, and as the play became stretched, Hinton's game discipline disappeared, players requested to be taken off, and already injured or exhausted players had to return to the game.  Hinton did continue to threaten the visitors net and the introduction of Brad Matthews and Harry Wright saw some structure reappear and it was Matthews that following a pass by James, that drove goal ward to supply Craft with the ball to fire home.

The final goals flattered the visitors, but deserved as Hinton in some aspects let them selves down in this game, and must now bounce back with a more productive and focussed approach to next weeks game.

Man of Match Gavin Taylor

14th October Wellington 5 v 0 Hinton County Challenge cup.

A big game for the Hinton team, with the opportunity to take on the challenge of a Wellington team that is three leagues higher in the football pyramid and with a league position difference of 49 places, this was going to be different.  The squad selection was also hampered through availability and late drafting in of  Jon Hopkins and Gareth Bowley looked to provide some higher league experience with Matt Aubrey also available after a few matches of absence.

The game opened evenly and it was a rare Wellington attack that opened the game when a long ball releasing the attacker to scuff a shot just wide of Hopkins 1-0.  Undeterred the Broomy hill team, continued to work opportunities and Aubrey, Mosinski, Drewezski and Bowley all worked hard to be creative in the final third but were able to find a route through to have clear shot on goal and unfortunately were being kept some distance from the goal, by  a well organise home defence.

The long ball game was working for Wellington and on another streaking run Fox was harshly adjudged by the referees assistant for have felled the attacker and the penalty was dispatched to increase the score line to 2-0.  Chins looked down, until Steve Cuss, Jack Trattell found some space out wide to become advancing full backs and with more luck these runs and crosses would have been better rewarded.

The pace of the west midland premier team was constant and as the final minutes of the first half came another bursting over the top ball and run provided a cross that the unfortunate Fox could not avoid and the half closed at 3-0

With some guidance provide by the management team, the second half was a different game with Hinton tiring and with Wellington finding the spaces well to have swift passes moves completed.  The work rate of Hinton players was fantastic and there was fully committed display from all the players involved.  The watershed was unfortunately when the referee adjudged that Trattells clearance was a back pass and the following in direct freekick was completed with a strike that found the net for fourth time.   The game then suddenly looked very up hill when after making three substitutions Hinton were reduced to ten players as Drewezski had to retire from the game through injury and then another reduction when Aubrey need attention for 10 minutes before returning.

With the tie gone, Hinton then decided to play their best football with the one and two touch training night patterns suddenly appearing and Brad Matthews, Jordan Mussell and Aubrey all delivering goal bound efforts that were frantically defended.  The final kick of the ball saw the fifth  goal.

A tough game for the lads, but creditable when it is noted that the hosts played a full West Midland Premier league team against Hinton for the majority of the tie

MoM Steve Cuss

11th October Hinton 1 v 0 Orleton Colts

The Green army visit Broomy hill for their first HPL game at Hinton FC.  The mood was healthy for the Broomy hill team following the Tenbury success the previous week, and with the squad largely unchanged the game started with Hinton in control and dominating play.  Dean Drewezski was in full flow and soon up ended to provide Callum Ditchfield with another scoring opportunity from the spot.  The spot kick was firm, but the keeper was swiftly across to push the shot wide of the goal, and from this point the visiting keeper started his journey to becoming the man of the match.  After a small dip in morale the formation of game continues and Mosinski again was not having any luck in front of goal, and series of corners were left with a score.

The break came when Drewezski was again up ended for a second spot keck and Neil Walmsley took command of the spot kick and fire the ball into the net with no mistake of the intent to grasp this game to victory.  This spurred the lads into action and with additional chances falling to Harry Wright who found himself in the six yard box only to see the keeper smoother his attempt and then Walmsley, Haslam and Trattell all see great saves thwart their goal bound attempts.

This was another game that should have seen more Hinton goals, and then reward the team, for their great efforts

MoM Dean  Drewezski

4th October Hinton 2 v 0 Tenbury united

Tenbury United arrive for their first HPL game at Broomy hill, and found the Broomy hill boys had far too much ability to allow any of the points to be taken away back to the countryside town

The now usual frantic opening minutes settled down and it was Chris Fox who seemed to controlling the tempo at Centre back of the Hinton attacks, and it was only minutes before saw the open shots of the game when Harry wright unleased a rare shoot on goal and then his new midfield partner Callum Ditchfield also saw a goal ward strike saved well.  The possession by Hinton was reaping rewards in the number of attacks, and soon the tally of free kicks being awarded to Hinton were into double figures, and when Jack Trattell drilled the spot kick into the penalty area both Nigel Mosinski and Dean Drewezski were unlucky not to have the ball fall more kindly to have the opportunity to find a clean strike on goal..  With other chances falling to Trattell with a low  shot well saved by the visitors goalkeeper who swiftly was establishing his way to the visitors Man of the Match title, and then Rod Haslam, Tom Landon, Steve Cuss and Mosinski all saw fine goal bound efforts saved.

Just before the break Brad Matthews replaced a tired looking Landon and on the restart it was Matthews that opened the scoring after some great hassling played by Neil Walmsley and Matthews that saw the ball fall to Matthews to strike home 1-0.  With the desired lead obtained Drewezski was in full flow and was brought down for a penalty which saw Ditchfield step to increase the lead to two goals with aplomb.

With Jon Pugh rarely called into action in the Hinton goal, due the solid defending by the whole team, this was well deserved victory that so easily could have been by a bigger margin

MoM Callum Ditchfield

For more match details please follow the link to the Hereford times and Tenbury advertiser below

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27th September Hinton 0 v 1 Westfields Res

Westfields reserves, the league leaders arrived at Broomy hill to meet a Hinton side that was missing several players from the previous two games and again  Graham Andrews and Paul Trattell were left with the conumdrum who to play where in an ever shifting squad availability problem,  but what ever they planned seemd to looked pretty good as the game started with a flurry of Hinton attacks, and the visitors were having trouble coping with Nigel Mosinski and Dean Drewezski who constantly put the defenders under pressure and it was Drewezski who had the first on target strike, to unfortunately see the keeper claw the ball wide of the goal.

The visitors had a simple policy of attack in attempting to turn the Hinton defence and make a chasing game, but Rod Haslam  and Chris Fox controlled the middle of the defence well and Steve Cuss and Darren Birch when not joining the Hinton attacks where solid on the flanks, requiring the Hinton debut keeper Sam Scotford to remain modestly redundant, that was until the visitors attempted a different tactic and on a dubious off side decision the striker saw a long shot opportunity and placed the ball into the net over Scotford.

Undeterred Hinton maintained control of the game with Mike Marsden and Harry Wright winning all the midfield challenges and providing Jack Trattell and Gavin Taylor with a host of over lapping runs to continue to menance the fields defence.  Drewezski was tormenting the defenders and it was amazing to see that the referee was allowing some of the challenges to occurr once let alone repetively with out any form of penalty.

At the 30 mins Brad Matthews was introduced to the game with Taylor feeling the effects of a full 30 mins committed to the manner expected by the management team who were relaxed and unusally sat in the dug out.  The pressure on the visitors evened a little and Scotford was called into action twice, but both times was at ease with the requirements involved and the danger was nullified.  At the turnaround, there was not need to panic  and it was soon evident that it was the vistors that were shuffling the pack, and the midfield was filled up, but with Marsden delivering a masterclass in the art of being a midfield general and young Wright mopping up, there was little impact in the play, and soon the long kick and chase tactic reappeared for the claret team.  The equalising goal looked on the cards with the possession play of Hinton and the constant fouling of Drewezski, Matthews and Mosinski but it was a not to be and despite attempts by just about all the outfield Hinton players it was not to be and at the final whistle it was a blank week for Hinton with goals and points.  A great team performance,  and with a distant cry of " there's only one Mikey Marsden" drifting over from the tea shop end we move on to the next game. 

It was so close to keeping the undefeated sequence going, but the lads must take the chances to get on the scoreline more often.

MOM Chris Fox


13th September Ross 1v2 Hinton

With the holiday season in its final weekend, the Hinton squad again looked a little different in the players available, but it wasn't looking a depleted in the quality of players.  The intent of Hinton's attacking play was quickly gaining the upper hand in the game and when Gareth Bowley was felled the resulting free kick strike by Rod Haslam was pushed firmly wide of the goal, by the home keeper who was soon then left stranded when Steve Cuss just cleared the bar with shot and again when Tom Landon hoped to finish better with a header from a Dean Drewezski cross following a superb race through the Ross defence.

The first goal was little against the run of play when Haslam was unlucky to see his pass intercepted, and the Ross player see an advanced position being taken by Hinton keeper Jon Pugh to strike the ball over a stranded Pugh to take the lead.  A healthy number of Hinton attacking corners then followed the restart and it was the persistence of  Haslam that saw the second goal ward attempt aided into the net by Callum Ditchfield with a deft flick of the heel.  The second half saw Nigel Mosinski replace Harry Wright who was feeling un well, and a small reshuffle of the formation, but the attacking play of Hinton continued to cause Ross problems, with Mike Marsden getting more involved in the game, and it was Marsden's run that resulted in a deflected save to Jack Trattell to square the ball to Mosinski to fire home to take the lead in the game.  Now in full flow, Marsden was unlucky not score when the Bowley free kick was headed goal wards and the now over worked Ross keeper saved well.  It was pretty much one way action now, with Mosinski having a goal disallowed for off side following a blistering run by Cuss, and additional great efforts from Ditchfield, Landon, Trattell and Thai Craft who found himself with some opportunities to open his seasons goal account, and will surely be more ruthless in the future.  the final 10 minutes saw tiredness come in, and Ross looked a little more lively resulting in Chris Fox and Darren Birch having to manage all threats well and Pugh continuing to look assured between the posts to see the three points collected this week

MOM Steve Cuss 

30 August Fownhope 3v3 Hinton

The unbeaten run continues through the third league game of the season for the Broomy hill boys, but it was not a pretty game by a long margin.  Hinton opened the game with confidence with Captain Rod Haslam and Matt Aubrey in central midfield and Gareth Bowley joining a front three of Brad Matthews, Tim Edwards and Dean Drewezski, who all looked lively and a threat to the villagers defence.  The game took a turn in direction when a Fownhope corner was headed home on the front post, when the Aubrey was just beaten to the ball by the Fownhope player.  Undeterred the Hinton side continued to look composed and confident that scoring chances would come their way and they duly did when from a quickly taken freekick Haslam sent Matthews racing in on goal, and to crash the ball into the roof of the net past the advancing keeper.  With the scores level ,Hinton again grasped control of the game and a flurry of free kicks were awarded to Hinton as Fownhope manned up their midfield and commenced to deliver a strong handed approach to all the aspects of the game, encouraged by their vocal and opinionated supporters on the touchline.   

The noise and comments on the refereeing performance increased when Bowley provided a corner ball for Aubrey to side foot in for the second Hinton score on the 30th minute, and then the Fownhope frustrations increased more so, when the constant threat of Drewezski raced down the right side and back heeled the ball to Edwards who in turn slotted Bowley into the penalty area to calmly place the ball under the goalkeeper body to score Hinton's third goal.

Half time came and went, and so did Hinton concentration as the determined Fownhope soon from the restart hit the post and took a firm hold on the game.  In an attempted to regain some control in the game,fresher legs were introduced to the Hinton side, and Trattell, Edwards and Matthews can all be pleased with their performances in this game.  The introduction unfortunately didn't help and Fownhope continued to press and soon drew level to 3-3, a change on formation was completed and Hinton had chances to retake the lead in the game but could not find the finishing touch, and when Aubrey saw the keeper off his line and attempted a Beckham like shot from the Hinton half only to see the ball just pass the post with the keeper beaten it summed the match up for Hinton, only for the game to finish on low note when the constant Fownhope bickering provoked a reaction from James, who was shown a red card.

In summary the final result felt like a defeat, but its another point gained, three goals scored, and the unbeaten run remains in tact. 


23 August Hinton 2 v 0 Leominster Town

Man of the match

Not much of report on this game sorry.  The game did see the return to the Hinton playing team of Gareth Bowley who after two seasons away from Broomy hill has returned to the club, and a welcome introduction.  The visitors caused Hinton many problems last season, so this was expected to be tough game again.

The open exchanges belonged to Hinton with Bowley  scoring a header from close range and the  Aubrey shooting home to provide a 2 -0 score line before the half time break.  The second half saw Leominster gain some momentum and success in the passages of play but the lads held firm and secured the three points and clear sheet. 

16 August Hinton 3 v 3 Ross Juniors

Man of the Match Callum Ditchfield

The season opening fixture saw Ross Juniors visit Broomy hill, and the Paul Trattell and Graham Andrews season of management commence for the Hinton first team.  With Paul Trattell in foreign lands enjoying the all inclusive buffet, Andrews consulted the senior players for support and fielded a team that went into attack mode from the opening minutes, and soon to take the lead when Tom Landon held the off a stronger challenge to place the ball back to Matt Aubrey to strike the ball into the net from the edge of the penalty area 1-0 at 7 minutes.

Young Harry Wright then had to leave the game due to tight hamstring, and the club stalwart Darren Birch replaced Wright, unfortunately almost immediately Hinton old boy Adam Jewitt provided a deft finish over an advancing Andy Taylor in the Hinton goal to pull the south Herefordshire side level 1-1.  The preseason training has been based on confidence with the ball, and Callum Ditchfield in the right back role displayed this when he supplied a pin point pass for Liam Powell to chase onto and calmly complete a one touch finish to restore the lead to Hinton 2-1.  The confidence was now flowing, and Steve Cuss was racing forward from left back, and when combined with Powell and Landon and Jack Trattell providing willing runners the spaces were being found by Aubrey and Mike Marsden to control the midfield with opportunities to increase the score being spurned on more occasions that desired.

Half time came and went and soon Hinton were awarded with corner that Rod Haslam saw his headed effort crash against the Ross cross bar, and commence a sequence for the second half in which Hinton hit the framework of the Ross goal five times with scoring success.  It was soon after this point that the game changed, Ross were reduced to ten players following an altercation with a the referee and this spurred Ross, who then passed through the Hinton side to level the scores, disappointed to have the lead taken again from them, Hinton pressed Ross into defensive action and Cuss, Brad Matthews, Tim Edwards, Ditchfield and a mazy run by Chris Fox all called the Ross keeper into action but without the desired goal.  The next goal went to Ross, when a period of lazy football by the Broomy boys saw a corner graze the Hinton post and the visitors fire into the net to take the lead in the game.

With action required Andrews took the brave decision to change formation and reintroduce the pace of Landon up front with Gavin Taylor and Matthews in a3-4-3 formation, substituting Haslam to accommodate this.  This was a little unexpected by all, but it seemed to provide the motivation for the players on the pitch as the play became one way traffic with a flurry of corners falling Hinton's way and Ross taking advantage of the ball entering the car park behind the Ross goal frequently off the goal frame and frantic defending, but finally Aubrey doubled his tally in the match with a shot that was on target, but the added deflection saw the ball enter the goal in the top corner to secure an opening point.

17 July 2014   Hinton 2 v Lydbrook

The open friendly of 2014-15 saw Lydbrook visit Broomy hill for the annual fixture between the two clubs, with Graham Andrews and Paul Trattell stepping up from Reserve team management duties to guide the First team this season.

The squad saw some new faces to the club, some returning players, some club stalwarts and some players coming into the squad from the reserve squad last season that must been holding the potential that Andrews and Trattell would like to see this season develop into success for Hinton.  The opening minutes were a frantic affair with both sides looking for a swift control of the game before Brad Matthews displayed the expected striking prowess with a fine finish to open the scoring, following some good movement and controlled football by the Broomy boys.

The large squad allowed the players to swapped and trialled in different positions and Luke Semple increased the score line with another calm finish that we have seen so often by Semple, following another crisp passage of Hinton play.  The visitors were no easy touch, and the Hinton defence were glad to see Andy Taylor in good form in goal, as several fizzing shots arrived on target, and with one success to get a well earned goal.

Generally a good work out with some opportunities for all players to secure squad places and starting positions in a squad that will be expected to work hard throughout the season, with Andrews, Trattell demanding high standards from their players