21st Feb Hinton Res 1 v 1 Wellington Colts

With a window between the wet weather and a pitch prepared by Mowtech, Broomy hill was host to great game between two stalwart clubs in the county.

The visitors had the early flow of the game and soon call debut U17s keeper Matt Hamilton into action with a superb full stretch save to push the fierce shoot wide of the goal, and this settle the lads down, and the game began to form with chance being developed for Jordan Cullen, Liam Powell and Jordan Mussell without success, and when the visitors did break the deadlock it was little against the run of play.

Spurred into attacking mode the lively Cullen was felled in the penalty area to level the scores with the spot kick.

Photos available following the link.  

24th Jan Bromyard FC 2 v 0 Hinton Res

With diminishing squad it seems with many players quoting then didn't get the text, the bare eleven players tested the league leaders and performed a fantastic effort in battling this fixture.  With many players not attending training and also waiting to asked to play the result is great success for Jamie Evans need reign as manager of the reserve team.  With a little more engagement from the players there is good opportunity to get back into the mid table positions in this league and deliver some worthy game successes.

11th Jan Hinton Res 7 v 1 Brimfield

Jamie Evans red and black success story two games and undefeated since donning the managers coat?

6th Dec Woofferton 3 v 3 Reserves

Nigel Mosinski scored a thunderbolt of goal, the lads had bare team of 11 players due to late drop outs, but played well coming from a goal behind each tie to take a point from the leagues hardest teams to get points from.   Jamie Evans donned the managers coat for this game, welcome to Hinton FC, and undefeated in the role.

That is about as much as I know about this game, if you want a bigger write up please supply some details

However you can find some photo graphs on this link  http://www.darrenmusgrove.com/v/photos/47433pch

29th Nov Wellington colts 4  v 5 Hinton Reserves

I don't know what happened, who scored so if some one wants to write a short report and send it in????  Well done the Reserves, about time you had some luck and got the result you have deserved

17th Sept Reserves 0 v 1 Wellington Colts

In the absence of Res team managers Davies and Harris, Andrews and Trattell were standing in the dugout, as there was no first team fixture.

The game was lively event that unfortunately was decided with one moment of opportunity by the Colts with a finely curled shot that gave Andy Taylor no option other than to watch the ball travel into the far post netting.  There passion by both sets of players was matching a cup game and the early pace was set by Hinton and especially Liam Powell who with the support of young Liam Webb behind him was playing like a winger and creating endless problems for the visitors.

As the game ebbed and flowed Taylor was flatten in a robust challenge and the visitors displayed physical approach to all corners, but un phased by this the direction of all Hinton attacks were being  orchestrated by the solid performances of Kev New, Steve Saunders, and Cody Edwards, whilst the midfield was being patrolled by Shane Cuss and Jordan Mussell who both delivered games that deserved to catch the eye of the first team managers.

The chances for the attackers in both teams were quite rare in the closeness of the game, and Jordan Cullen, Thai Craft and Gavin Taylor all for the final touch the hardest point of the build up play as the Colts defended frantically at times.  The introduction of Meale, Davey, Evan and Forsters after the break didn't change the pattern of the game unfortunately.  But there the desire and ambition seen in this game the turning point in the reserves season is only just around the corner surely?

20th Sept Reserves 1 v 4 Holme Lacy

This fixture appears to have little spice involved in it now following recent matches between these two sides, were some great football and some unsavoury moments have occurred, and today was again a fantastic match and provided again plenty of talking points with the style, pride and passion displayed by both set of players and supporters.

With Ross calling off the Charity bowl fixture with Hinton, the reserve team managers Harris and Davies declined the opportunity to flood the team with first team players and stuck to their initial selection with only Marsden and Trattell joining the squad as some of the original selection failed to arrive for the game ( you know who you are!)

The opening few minutes passed with the usual frantic nature of these ties and then the visiting team gained a corner, which showed a practice session or two may have taken place on this dead ball situation and the visitors were unfortunate not to have take the lead in the tie.  This however was only a few minutes from occurring though when from another corner the reserves failed to pick up players and the Hinton net bulged with the ball contact.  It  would be easy to write ditto for the next goal also, happened  five minutes later.  The game was definitely open with Jordan Evans, Brad Matthews, Liam Powell all having attacking runs without the ultimate success of a goal to show for their efforts.  The midfield was the real battle ground, with Shane Cuss and Mike Marsden holding the middle ground while Jordan Mussell again became the target for Lacys aggression and this soon saw them remove a player before he was carded or worse.  The third  Lacy goal was sloppy affair when a unlucky Liam Headly in goal  for the Reserves, spilt a goalbound shot and the lacy striker pounced to tap home.

Following the dodgy few minutes when the goals were conceded the back four of Liam Webb, Callum Forster and elder statesman's Steve Saunders and Kev New looked solid and composed, with Webb again providing a great performance at left back.  The Reserves continued to apply pressure and looked to continue to build and a host of free kick opportunities came and went, especially when Saunders curled a free kick upwards to trim the top branch behind the far goal!

At half time it was revealed that young Forster not only had been battling the spritely Lacy players, but also the Lacy linesman's who had again for the third match with Hinton, become involved in the game with a series of comments that are not expected by a man of his age and position in the game, especially  when young players being involved in the local are few and far between and should be encouraged not intimated.  It is a credit to young Forester that he didn't let this poor display affect his game and Forster become the better man in this event.

At the restart a change on formation by the Reserves, with Marsden forming a back three with New and Saunders, and  Jack Trattell, Adam Preece and Gavin Taylor joining the game in place of  Webb, Forster, Matthews who will preform better in future weeks once his holiday belly has gone!  The new formation was huge success and it was only a short time until from a Mussell free kick Evans climbed high to head home 1-3 and the Reserves asserted their  control and started to dominate the play.  There was flurry of free kicks and corners for the Reserves and Trattell was unlucky to fire just over the bar, as was Mussell with long range shot that the hit the cross bar, but the final nail came in the game, when the visitors finally mounted an attack and the player weaved a route through to provide a clean chance to see the lead return back to three goals.

This game was learning curve for some the players in the Reserves squad and the youngsters having their first season in men's football can be pleased with their performance against a lLacy side that will take a lot of three points in games this season,  but players like Webb, Preece, Evans and Forster should be determined to keep these squad places they currently have and increase their playing time with more great performances.

If some would like to summarised the Reserves matches in match report weekly and email them to Hintongraham@Hotmail.co.uk  they will appear here each week

16th July Reserves 3 v 1 Toros FC 

Jack Harris and Jack Davies have opened they management careers with taking on the reserves following the promotion of Graham Andrews and Paul Trattell to the first team tracksuits and sheepskin coat positions, and with a flood of new faces in the red and black stripe kit the future is looking good.  The intake of young players too old for the under 17s this year looks exciting with the pace and desire in these players combined with the experience of the slightly older players looking to gel into squad that will again provide development through success for these players to enjoy their football into the first team.

The Reserves had strong hold on this game from the start and never really looked out of a canter as the lead was secured, and then lengthy spells of attacking followed.  The victory was deserved, by the lads, but stronger tests will be in front of these lads in division one, but young Harris has been busy with the pre season arrangements and we look to see this new venture progress

Come on Hinton!