January 2013 Match Reports

Wellington Rangers 4 - 1 Hinton

Hinton were left wondering how this result could have happened after dominating the match for long periods of time. The away side looked like they had a good break and were still suffering from the after effects of the Christmas Dinner when Wellington caught them napping twice in the opening 15 minutes. Two scrappy goals and individual mistakes which led up to them found Hinton chasing the game. However, after conceding the 2nd goal, the away team dominated the game for the rest of the half and should have comfortabley been level at the break. Jack Tomlinson jumped onto a defensive error but blazed his shot over the bar and then had a great opportunity to score when one-on-one but put it wide from 10 yards out.

Hinton started the second half as well as they finished the first and continued to pile the pressure onto the home side. Hinton's persistence was finally rewarded when a scooped through ball from Pete Myles was brilliantly gathered in by Tomlinson and despatched into the back of the net from an accute angle. At this point there only looked to be one team that was going to win the game until, once again, Hinton were caught napping and a breakaway from Wellington saw theire left winger get into the box only to be tripped by a backtracking Jody Dawe. The penalty was despatched to perfection. As Hinton pressed to get back into the game a long ball over the top saw a Wellington striker get into the box on for him to be tripped by Callum Ditchfield for another penalty, which ended with the same result by Nick Paniers again.

Man of the Match: Darren Birch

Squad: J Hopkins, D Birch, S Cuss, C Ditchfield, M Ferriday, R Legdon, J Davies, M Marsden, R Newton, B Matthews, J Tomlinson, P Myles, M Myles, J Dawe, R Haslam.