Hinton FC Senior membership plan for 2012-13 season

In previous seasons the Senior section has not financially been as sucessful as it should have been, so for this season we are launching a membership scheme that we believe will support the club finanicially, and also deliver an excellent value for money for the players who subscribe. 

Membership is in four options:

Option 1 - Pay £20 per 4 week period over 10 separate periods.  This will cover all the fees for Match days, training and travel in the mini bus.

Option 2 - Supply a personal sponsor for a player at £200 per player, and the player will have all their  fees covered for the season as in option 1.

Option 3 - A mix of options 1& 2, where a player may find part sponsorship and pay the difference eg.  £60 sponsorship supplied requiring the player to pay £140 for the season, in scheme of £20 per period over 7 period time span.  This will cover all fees for playing, training and minibus travel.

Option 4 - The player pays £5 per game if starting ,£3 starting on the bench, £3 for training and £3 for minibus travel if required.

We believe the first three options provide fantastic value for money for players, and will provide the senior section with a valuable funding to suppot the forth coming season, and the facilities at Broomy Hill.

The club will also reward any player that introduces a sponsor to the club.  There are options to advertise a sponsor and in some cases this would permit the player finding the sponsor to play at a reduced fee or perhaps FREE!

Please contact Graham Andrews for more details : Hintongraham@hotmail.co.uk