Hinton Reserves   

20th October League

Holme Lacy 0 - 4 Reserves


13th October League

Reserves 3-6 Ledbury Res

The spirits were high for the reserves before the game, as the team faced Ledbury for the second time in 7days, and hoped to build on the good showing in the last encounter.

Half-time 0-4  If you want to know what happened in the first 45 mins find a player and ask him, as words fail me at this moment in time!

With some strong words ringing in their ears, the second 45 mins,  boys in red and black stripes started stronger and looked a lot more interested in the competitiveness of the contest, and following the introduction of Jack Davies, the Ledbury net finally was populated with a ball, as Davies chased a ball into the right side corner to cross deeply and the Ledbury keeper was finally exposed under pressure from Jordan Mussell, and the ball hit the far post to caress the grass in the net.  This seemed to provide some confidence and it was not long until Davies was released through the visiting defence to chip the advancing keeper for a second score.

Again the spirits lifted and finally some control of the game was grasped by Hinton, and from a corner supplied by Dave McCutcheon, the now nervous Ledbury keeper was beaten by the flight to see a third goal register for the Reserves that had now decided to contest the match, and looking to have the upper hand, but it was not to be as a final decisive goal arrived for Ledbury in the final minutes.

 This was a game that the Broomy hill lads never really got to terms with, following the errors and lack of cohesion of the play in the first 45mins.  There was an element of hard luck also, but good fortune is earned, and with a personal pride in performance this will be another lesson to learn for the players

5th October Jock Hanley cup

Ledbury Res 3 -0 Hinton Reserves

A return to Ledbury for the Reserves this week, and season debuts for Jamie Combe, Christian Herrits  Josh Whitlam and Adam Herbert, as the squad had yet another assorted feel to it.  With Trattell and Andrews's words ringing in the players ears from last week, and the prematch team talk the Broomy hill team took to the field with assertive intentions, and it was clear to Ledbury from the start that this wouldn't be a repeat of the previous encounter this season.

Hinton looked lively from the whistle with Jordan Mussell and Steve Saunders marshalling the midfield, and Christian Herritts and Pawel Pinecki calling the local defenders into  immediate actions with runs into the box.  It was the home keeper that was called into action first as Herbert headed on a goal kick from Andy Taylor into Mussells path to cross for Steve Gosling to challenge the diving keeper, but the ball was cleared off the line frantically.  The positive nature continued, and opportunities continued for Hinton, and Pinecki and Gosling had additional chances with no luck and the pace of Herbert and Mussell was a constant threat.  The opening goal came from freekick where the referee adjudged that Pinecki had fouled the Ledbury "Fellini" while challenging for a header, and the resulting free kick was placed beyond Taylor.  Taylor had been on good form previous to this with  an excellent double save, but in another attack Taylor suffered a raking injury to his shin, and the temporary immobility was supported fantastically well, by the forever cool Tim Edwards, the energetic Tom Harris,  a speedy and hard tackling Callum Meale, and a strong solid Combe, who at one stage was on call for a fantastic goal clearing header.

At the turn the Broomy boys remained focussed on the task, and game continued to be even with the Ledbury back line looking suspect, but again this week saw some heavy handed tackling taking place, which even in the Hereford Prem would not be permitted, but regardless everyone was still involved in the game, and the introduction of Josh Whitelam looked interesting as the physical presence of Whitelam changed the defenders approach and Whitelam was unlucky not to score with dipping volley that just cleared the bar with the keeper watching on.  The Ledbury keeper was the busier of the two, and  completed an excellent save from a rasping shot, while Mussell, Saunders, Pinecki, Whitelam and Herbert were all unlucky not to find the equalising score. 

Chances were being created at either end and the Hinton defensive actions were strong and as the final 10 mins started Hinton continued to look good for the equaliser, as the game turned ugly for few minutes, when hands were raised, and off the ball events occurred, all of which evaded the officials eye line.  Into the game came Jack Harris and Liam James to provide some more attacking options, but it was Ledbury that found the additional scores when Mussell was pushed over by a very "handy" player who then supplied the pass that saw the striker beat Taylor, the final attack then saw the young Hinton players, perhaps get a little to involved in the non game activities and freekick saw a third goal just before the final whistle.

The improvement in the team is good to see and it will only be matter of time before the luck will turn our way and success will Hinton's.  The team is made of young lads and your support and encouragement would be fantastic as they in some cases are in their first year of senior football.

Man of the Match was Callum Meale, who delivered a strong defensive presence to the attacking flair we have already seen 


28th Sept  Tenbury United 8 - 3 Reserves

To have scored nine goals in fours game is an impressive  stat that most teams would be happy to have,  and too be honest the reserves have deserved to have this stat attributed to them.  To have conceded 24 goals in the same number of games is not as so enjoyable, and should highlight to all the players that as a team defensive attention must increase to be successful.

A trip to North Herefordshire again this week, and the large pitch at Tenbury with some very healthy grass growth in places was to lead to an interesting game, and it didn't disappoint a healthy local crowd.  The early exchanges suggested that the home side were capable of a physical game, and that the referee was finding that the centre circle was a big enough area to run across and there was little need for him to keep up with play and venture outside it!  The opening goal came from a long ball that Tom Harris decided to shepherd out of play  only for the ball to slow up and the attacker to take several goes at tackling Harris from behind, before finally pushing Harris to the floor to then turn and fire home.  The referee was having nothing to do with the appeals, and this style of tackling was allowed to continue throughout the game for the home side, although all minor infringements by Hinton were penalised, if this was a local official one could think it was just the way it goes, but we followed the official out of Hereford on the way to the game!

Undeterred the youthful reserves continue to look to play passing football, and after Jordan Cullen had broken through to shoot at goal the resulting fumble by the keeper was pounced on by Pawel Piniecki to open his goal account at Hinton.  It wasn't long until Rew Richards gave Hinton a deserved lead as he fired into the Tenbury net following a Jordan Mussell corner.  The large pitch was proving a challenge and the home side continued with two tactics of one a unique ruling on tackling from behind supported by the referee, and another of a long ball that worked with their strong aerial presence that gave the Hinton defence trouble, calling Andy Taylor into action far to frequently.  As halftime loomed a poor clearance from a Tenbury freekick was bundled over the goal line 2-2

Half time,   and from the start Hinton looked strong, as Richards battled to win a ball which Mussell played through to Cullen who again shot only for the keeper to fumble and Callum Meale was on hand to follow up to poke home 2-3 Come on Hinton!  The lads looked great and as the home side continued to launch high balls forward with no threat, while Hinton looked dangerous on the counter attack and when Cullen was felled in the box, only to see the referee wave play on from the centre spot, it was at this point in the game, with 20 mins to go it all went pear shaped for Hinton and the deep crosses and strong arm tactics of the Tenbury players made their presence felt with headed goals.  The final three goals were all due to slack play and bad luck for the reserves as their heads dropped and the home team were buoyed at first equalising and then taking the lead. 

So, a huge disappointment for the team, as again in the final stages of a game they have come undone by errors and strong play.  But three goals away from Broomy hill is good, and as these young players stick together they will become stronger, and confidence will provide them with that strength to see these winning positions out to the final whistle. 


21st Sept 2013     Woofferton 5 - 3 Reserves

A long trip to the early season league leaders Woofferton this weekend for the reserves and despite the final score line and a shaky start to the game, this was a very close game and should buoy the morale of the players. 

The young Reserves team was alerted to the attacking treat of the home side immediately from the kick off as the striker walked through everyone only to be thwarted by Andy Taylor, then moments later the home side hit the post,  finally we grasped the game, and Brad Matthews and Jordan Cullen threaten the home defence frequently.

Woofferton found success  from a corner, but the response from the lads was brilliant with a flurry of attacks on the home goal that resulted in an equaliser by Rew Richards with fantastic diving header.  Just before the break the lead was restored by the home side.

The second 45 minute was an excellent game, with the Reserves controlling large parts of the play without reward , the loss of Kev New and Liam James generated a concern for the Reserves until Graham Andrews  entered the field as hasty replacement for Liam James, and soon initiated an attacking move that saw a Cullen shot parried, Callum Meale chased down the rebound to centre for Matthews to head home.  2-2 Come on Hinton!  The midfield grouping of Jake Cooper, Steve Gosling, Meale and Jordan Mussell, were gaining the upper hand, and chances were made by the lads, but the additional goal to take a lead was missing.  Whereas the Woofferton number 11 was a constant threat and called Taylor in to action often, while Richards, Tom Harris, defended well, the saving tackle of the day was delivered by Tim Edwards as he blocked a certain goal bound shot.  Unfortunately the locals striked the net again to retake the lead, then swiftly after Andrews gifted an opportunity to the potent striker who increased the score line to 4-2.  Jack Harris re-joined the game, and heads remained focussed and  the home defence was frequently breached, but the final finishing touch evaded the reserves until Mussell was put through on to goal and finished calmly 4-3 and the control of the game was definitely Hinton's,  but it seemed that perhaps the 90 mins would arrive before the equalising game, but in the final minute Woofferton gained a freekick and a score to inflate a score line that did not reflect the game.

Another game were the performance has improved greatly with a very young reserves squad


14th Sept

Huge disappointment for the reserves today as the fixture with Leintwardine in the Burghill cup was cancelled for players to support the first team match at Leominster.  A difficult decision for the club to have made as the Reserves are set up to support the First team, with players to develop into the future first team, and with lack of existing first team players  and Reserve team players available for this fixture, the reserves game had to be called.  There is no shortage of  players signed to make either teams, but availability and commitment has identified a problem

7th Sept Reserves 2 - 6 Orleton Colts Junior cup

Newly promoted Orleton demonstrated a winning behaviour that insured that they continued into the second round of the Junior cup.  A self destruction button appeared to be in the Reserves hands again in the first 15 minutes, when the visitors took advantage of two dubious runs where the home side looked for an offside flag that didn't arrive.  A third was then conceded through corner that hit the back of the attackers head, and then a fourth as the striker pounced on spilled save.  Well what to? 

Instant changes saw Josh Rees chase a defence splitting ball from Steve Saunders and push past advancing keeper, this was then swiftly followed within a second goal from Rees as he supplied the finish to a Jack Trattell cross, on the final second of the first half

The second half was a close affair, with chances in both areas, but the visitors took a further increase in the final minutes, and showed that taking your chances is must, in this games and these Reserve players are going to have to get that winning feeling soon!

31st Aug  Ledbury Res 5 - 1 Hinton Res

An opening day defeat for the reserves in a game that was a lot closer than the score line displays.  Hinton debuts for several players Andy Taylor, Jack Davies, Pawel Pniecki , Harry Wright, and Jim Watkins, were not enough to stop the home side taking a lead after 15 mins from a corner that was loosely defended by Hinton.  This seemed to wake the Broomy team up and then a good period of play developed with chances for an equaliser falling to Jordan Mussell and Pniecki, but neither could finish with a goal.  The hosts then increased their score line with two more additional goals before 30 minutes had passed, at this stage Andrews introduced young Harry Wright to the game and parity  in open play was established as young Harry a exerted a controlling influence to a busy midfield battle.

The restart saw Hinton dominate large periods of play, with Jack Trattell, Steve Saunders, Tim Edwards, Jack Harris and Steve Gosling all causing Ledbury concerning moments, with Ben Toyes overlapping runs terrorising  the Ledbury  right back.  Mussell and Pniecki both continued to create chances, but could not find the net.  Jim Watkins  joined the match at right back and contributed with some assured passing and hopefully will continue to provide this in future weeks?

Mussell did continue to maintain his record of scoring against Ledbury with a fine goal

The final ten minutes saw Hinton tire and Ledbury pushed up the hill with long balls to release their three forwards, and eventually two additions goals were scored to inflate the total beyond a Hinton response.  Andy Taylor gave a strong display in goal that will improve from this game, and the defence was well marshalled by Neil McLaren, and Rew Richards, who picked up the Man of the match award after a fantastic performance, and showed why the manager puts a great deal of faith in the player

The performance was much better than the result suggests.

Hinton Res v Holme lacy, and Cardiff Ac 3/8/13

Report to follow


2012-13 season round up

A season of hard luck and maybes for the reserves this year, as a very young team experienced matches that were just a little too testing in a division one structure that saw some very strong and experienced teams expose the inexperience in the Hinton Reserves at times.  However the season has been successful in bringing through another group of young players that hopefully will continue to think of Hinton has their home club, and follow in the footsteps of Darren BIrch, Steve Gosling and Simon Thompson 

Paul Trattell and Graham Andrews have stated their intent to remain with the reserves next season, which will be good to continue the development of the young senior players

Reserves 2 - 4 Holme Lacy

A switch of venue was required for this fixture as the Broomy hill playing surface continues to disappoint everyone and is holding more water that most swimming pools!

The young Reserves side which had seven players in the squad under 20 years old took to the soggy but playable Lacy field, for their first game in several weeks and matched with a healthy sprinkling of more senior players the lads looked confident in the opening minutes, the ball was being retained well, until the confidence got the better of the young keeper Kyle Haig, who opened an opportunity for the home striker who took it and opened the scoreline.  Undeterred the Reserves continued to control and the home side were swiftly showing their game plan in operating a very physical game, that may have seen their number reduced early on in another game?  The equalising goal came from Brad Matthews head after a fine cross Tim Edwards, and it was at this figure as the second half commenced.

The second half performance by Lacy continued and finally saw a red card produced following an amazingly reckless display of the rules of football, by the Lacy player.  The physical nature of game continued and unfortunately the Reserves found themselves 1-3 behind until Gosling finished a great goal, and the Hinton tails rose again to press the lacy goal time after time only to fine the keeper on every occasion.

The final goal was in the final minute in game that is well forgotten for lots of good footballing reasons

Weobley 4 - 0 Reserves 

An away game to the league leaders for the reserves this weekend, in one of the few games able to go ahead.  A strong reserves squad took the game to hosts from the kick off with Ben Toye terrorising the right back with a stream of running that Toye crossed into the goal area, unfortunately the home keeper had a good eye for the flight of the ball and collected the majority under constant pressure from brad matthews and Steve Gosling.

The leagues top team were definitely under pressure, and at the turn it looked as if it was only a matter of time before Hinton took the lead in this fixture.  However the half time oranges must have been spiked with sedatives as in the next 45 minutes the home side took the game under their control swiftly with three goals within ten minutes.  This took the wind out of the reserves, and a fine goal sealed the game for Weobley 

8th Dec 2012

Ewyas Harold Res 3 v 5 Reserves

 Finally we have a game, and what a game it was!  As the two teams today started the the day finding themselves in the bottom places of division one, and both clubs also had their first team games cancelled, so what would the line ups be?  Hinton remainder true to the Reserves squad with only introducing John Hopkins, Shane Cuss and Jon Davies, whereas the hosts appeared to have strengthen quite considerably from the opportunity?  The first few minutes looked as if Hinton may be defending quite a bit as our lads struggled to retain the ball, and track the movement of Harold, but slowly they rose to the task and Cuss grazed the top of the bar with header from a  Jack Tomlinson corner, while Simon Thompson was swiftly covering the defence in closing down the home striker just as the shot was struck, to keep Hopkins mainly unoccupied, during the first half, until a break away was not completely dealt with and the home took a one nil lead into halftime.

There wasn't  much to address at the restart as the reserves were in with good shout in the first 45 minutes, so just keep going was the message, and it was Andrew Richards who drew the scores level with a strikers cool finish to a move Richards started in his own half, when  he moved up the pitch and placed the ball to Steve Gosling who protected the ball and pushed it back to Richards, who placed home with a style that suggested he does this every week?    Unfortunately the score was not balanced for long, as Harold scored following shot that Hopkins seemed to have collected but it dropped and fell into the net.  Where this may have been a low point, the introduction of Jon Davies to replace debut player Steve Saunders, seemed to be the catalyst for increase in the desire to win the game across all the Hinton players, and within minutes Tomlinson raced through to head over the keeper only to see the defender clear of the goal line as the ball slowed in the mud.

Jack Trattell replaced Tim Edwards as the heavy pitch started to take affect the players legs, and it was Trattell who supplied a pass to Gosling to get the byline to cross to Tomlinson to fire the second equaliser into the net for Hinton.  Confidence flowing a good period of Hinton pressure produced a string of corners, and from a Trattell corner Liam Keenan finished with a goal to see Hinton take a deserved lead 2-3.  The game continued in the home sides half, and again from a Tomlinson corner Cuss cleared the bar, as Hinton played a stronger game.  The contest then took another turn as Hopkins looked to have claimed the ball from a rare Harold attack, and may have been fouled as the ball dropped to the floor and was poked into the net for 3-3.

The hosts, continued to strengthen the players on the field, but Hinton introduced a youth policy that retook the game in a dramatic manner and sealed a well deserved victory, and moved the reserves up to 5th in the league.  Gosling and Tomlinson, were replaced by Jack Harris and Jake Cleeves, and it was this combination as strikers that produced wave of attacks on the home goal.  Harris opened his  tally for the day with great header in the six yard box from a Cleeves cross who was released to race to the byline by Cuss with perfect pass.  Harris's header was a great finish to cross that was delivered with perfection by young Cleeves.  

Across the team now the desire to win was evident, and Ben Toye, Jamie Cuss and Jon Davies, kept the left side strong, as wave after wave of attacks from Hintons right side ran the hosts ragged.  A special mention must go to Liam Keenan who executed a true " old school" tackle within his own penalty area that drew no complaints from the home side, and demonstrated winning spirit within the players today.

The fifth and final goal was again created on the right flank, when Trattell bravely took a shot with home defender probably the favorite to win the ball in the challenge, and resulting powerful shot wasn't cleanly collected by the young keeper and Harris lifted the ball into the net for 3-5.  Harold reintroduced players to get back into the game and Hinton responded with Chris Woodward replacing Toye, but the Broomy Hill  team continued to control the ball and game well, with the solid defence never looking too troubled as the whistle blew on great game and good way to finish 2012.

17th Nov 2012

Reserves 2 v 3 Kingstone Rovers

Yep, guess what?  Another new starting eleven today!  It was little wet under foot at Broomy Hill today, but playable as the reserved welcome some returning players that had debuted for the first team, and some old reserve faces from the past back into the ranks.  The game started with an opportunity to Jon Davies, who fired a dipping volley just over the bar from 25 yards that was watched by the visiting keeper in awe!

The Kingstone game plan was quickly on display as the long ball to the forward continued to be the chosen route for the visitors, while the Reserves exploited the flanks.  The long ball paid off twice for the visitors as their fleet footed strikers found a firmer path through in the now increasing mud to lead by two goals until Jack Tomlinson continued his rich goal scoring streak to pull a goal back at the half time whistle.

The second half was like a different game as the mud really took a firm hold on the game, and both sides tried really hard to continue their own styles and it was through some slick passing that Steve Gosling pushed the ball to Callum Meale to slide the equalising goal in.

The game was very even then and looked to be heading for draw, John Hopkins in the Hinton goal was completing some great stops, while the Rovers keeper was also performing well.  but in the final minutes the ball slide wide of Hopkins, Chris Fox and the rovers striker, only for the striker to win the race to his feet and poke home a winner  

10th Nov 2012

Reserves 0 v 2 Wellington Colts

Ok, well you should getting the jist of this now?  Yet another new starting eleven as the first team called up some players and the introduction of some new recruits was again made into the Reserves.  Debts for Owain Meale, Cian Best, Adam Preece and Jake Cleves, the latter three all called up from the under 16s.  So how about this for display of Hintons previous and existing junior structures as nine out of thirteen of the squad on saturday were under 22?

Wellington arrived with air of being a strong team, and probably favourites for the division one title this season, and it was no surprised to see Ed Jackson soon called into action, with great push around the post from a long range shot.  A strong defence by the reserves, provided a backbone for the reserves and Meale, Chris Woodward, Matt Ferriday and Ben Toye were forming a solid barrier between them and Jackson, who was rarely called to action, as the sun shone directly into his eyes for all the first 45 minutes.  Unfortunately, it was one of the rare occasions that the visitors scored, as weak goal kick was picked up and the Wellington forward who scuffed a shot into the net, just as half time loomed.

The second half the reserves took a strong hold in the game Ashley Nelder, Steve Gosling both had chances to equalised thwarted by an very active Wellington defence, whereas reserve defence continued to be robust and controlling of all opposition attacks, until another loose clearance was punished to increase the visitors lead.  this was harsh of the lads as the scoreline was not reflecting the game which was a great advert for the local game.

The younger Hinton side gained more and more possession of the ball, and influence on the game Jake Cleves displayed confidence beyond his years with tremendous bicycle kick from Sam Tozer that fizzed wide on a deflection, and on the second corner Cleves was provided with an second opportunity and repeated the spectaclular skill unfortunately with no goal busting success!  The introduction of Cian Best and Adam Preece increased the pace in the Broomy hill side and chances fell to both and Ben Toye, but now additional scores were found.

Although a defeat has been recorded, the game was decided with two minor errors, and all those players involved should be disappointed on the defeat, but not on the effort and display they gave.

3rd Nov 2012

Holme Lacy 2 v 5 Reserves

An away tie to the newly established Holme Lacy side who have slipped into the division one structure from the Herefordshire premier league for the reserves this weekend.  Yet again the squad was a little off the cuff, with some new faces attired in the Hinton colours for debuts.

The home side swiftly took the lead as the striker sprinted through to round Kyle Haig in goal.  Oh my, is this going to be a long afternoon?  The lads got down to the recovery work well and before long Jack Tomlinson raced through the defence to shoot accurately into the net to equalise the scores.  The Broomy hill side then started to take control, and Jack Harris provided Ben Toye with great opportunity to cross the ball into the box, which on arrival the Holme Lacy player deflected into his own net.  Confidence flowing Steve Gosling then calmly finished after a fierce shot by Tomlinson was saved into his path by the home keeper.  1-3 Come on Hinton!

1-4 was only few minutes later when Tim Edwards raced through the Lacy players to hit the keepers legs, and Tomlinson followed up for a first half brace.

Half time arrived and the unique dressing room arrangement at Holme lacy provided the lads with the motivational half time talk by the Holme lacy team, and at the restart it was clear that the home side were a lot more focused, and soon had crawled back two goals to have score of 3-4!  defensive duties, by Neil McLaren, Jamie Combe, Simon Thompson, Jack Harris, were being well supported by a calm Haig, and this permitted the remaining talents of Shane Cuss, Edwards, Tomlinson, Gosling and Toye to continue pressing forward leaving Mark Chapman commanding the midfield.  The game looked like it was dying out when the reserves created stream of corners that McLaren finally powered home to provide a just score line

Well done lads

27th Oct 2012

Reserves 0 v 2 Ross Juniors

Yet another game against Ross juniors for the Reserves this weekend, and another game where debuts were made, due to players being away, working or injured.  So Ashley Nelder, and Sam Tozer returned to Hinton colours after a break of a couple of years.

The Broomy hill lads settled well from kick off, and swiftly produced of scoring opportunities, for Steve Gosling and Brad Matthews, Matthews was were denied a certain goal by the Ross keeper, who as the game continued frustrated the Hinton attacks with series of excellent goalkeeping skills.

The game evened out and Ross progressively become more prominent in the game and it was from one thwarted attack that Ross opened on the scoring, by regaining possession on their left wing to craft a shot that beat Ed Jackson.  The Res heads didn't drop though and more opportunities arrived with Jack Thomlinson, Adam Preece and Ben Toye all testing the Ross defence up to half time.

The second half continued to be cagey with Hinton having the upper hand for long period but unable to apply the finishing touch,  chances fell to Nelder, Gosling and Matthews but none caressed the inside of the net.  It was the visitors that extended they lead with a rare attack, with a goal that caught Hinton up the field and unable to get back to defend in numbers quick enough.

The game continued to be played in the Ross half, and with the exception of one other attack the Jackson resolved, the attacking options were Hintons.  Mark Chapman was unlucky to head over from a Jack Trattell cross, likewise the same was true from a Trattell free kick that Matthews directed just over the bar.

Unfortunately the opportunity to get a positive on the scoreline was also lost when Gosling recorded a rare miss from the penalty spot.  The game closed out and Ross again collected a victory from the reserves, but these games are close, and the reserves are performing well and will record victories  on days when they don't play as well as they have recently.  

Come down and watch a game, and see if the reviews match what you see!

13th Oct 2012

Reserves 3 v 4 Dore valley HFA Burghill Cup

Its not very often you score three goals in each of two games and fall on the losing end of both score lines, but the reserves have managed it twice in the last two games.  A juggled reserve side took to the field, as for the second week also late withdraws hindered a team selection, however this was distant memory when the home side dominated the early minutes to lead the tie.  A freekick from Jack Trattell was headed away by the valley defence only for the ball to find an advancing Ricky Maund to place into the net.  This was just a just reward in the game, as it then proceded into a one man show by the referee, as odd decision followed odd decision for both teams.

The referee continued to have frequent discussions with players, and the awarded the reserves a penalty as Brad Matthews was felled on the edge of the box following another period of good pressure by Hinton.  Steve Gosling despatched the spot kick to increase the score line, 2-0 .   The next few minutes saw the visiting manager sent to the stand by the referee, and visiting players leaving the pitch to mangage their frustrations and avoid the threat of a yellow card.  It was now that the referee announced that he had had enough and was considering abandoning the game?  This came as surprise to everyone and not in character with the events on the pitch!

The reserve "stand in" keeper Tim Edwards was having a great game, and was unfortunate to be beaten, when not one but two very generous off side decisions  went on Dore Valley's favour resulting in a visitors goal.  Again another period of time of referee conversations with both sides.

Half time arrived, and at the return to play the visitors appeared to have upped their game, and gained the referees support in some extremely strong challenges that resulted in three Reserve players leaving the pitch with potential long term injuries.  The resulting changes disrupted the structure of the home players, and swiftly 2-1 became 2-4!

Connor Herbert pulled a goal back with finely hit drive, and other chances arrived to Maund, Matthews, Jack Harris and debutant Kian Bell, with an increase to the scoreline.

The game was memorable for four Hinton players.  Ben Toye ( Under 16's manager) saw two of his Under 16s make their debut, Adam Preece and Kian Bell with good performances, and Alan Lewis also opened his Hinton appearance account.

Unfortunately this game will be remembered for the refereeing performance, attitude and ability to introduce an atmosphere to a game that was not required, and distracted from at times some good football.



29th Sept 2012

Reserves 3 - 4 Ross Juniors Jock Handley cup

The second meeting of these two sides within a fortnight returned seven goals in a contest that the Reserves were left ruing their defending as the visitors scored four comfortable goals, which required the reserves to chase the game through the 90  minutes.  The opening exchanges were cagey as the two sets of players settled down, but swiftly Connor Weaver was presented with an opportunity to double his tally for the year, but delayed in shooting and the chance expired.  Ross gained a hold on the game and found themselves two goals ahead following some generous space being afforded to Ross by the reserves, but a great save from Ed Jackson making debut for Hinton, and a shot just past the post by Tim Edwards continued to buoy the home side until Steve Gosling collected a throw in at the clubhouse end and pivoted to curl a shot into the far post 1-2.

Unfortunately a generous offside decision allowed Ross to recovery the two goal difference,  straight away, and the half time team talk loomed?

The second half saw the reserves take the challenge to Ross and Mark Chapman found himself in the far corner of the penalty area to then tower above the Ross defence to connect with a Jack Trattell corner  with a bullet header that left the Ross keeper in awe as it bulged the net. 2-3.  Encouraged by this start Jack Tomlinson then provided a stunning example of pinpoint finishing as he sped past the defender with the ball to shoot past the advancing keeper 3-3 Come on Hinton!

It was here that the visitors claimed a fourth and winning goal, as the striker was allowed to juggle the ball turn and select a place in the goal to beat Jackson.  The reserves had flurry of changes made and the final ten minutes, saw Ross defending in great numbers and frantically as a series of corners were awarded to the home side, but Chapman. Tomlinson, Gosling and Brad Matthews all found their efforts thwarted, as the final whistle sounded and the Jock Handley cup moved from the reserves focus for this season. 

The reserves have lot of young players that are experiencing in some cases their first season in senior football, so hopes remain high with the performances so far, and suggests that sustained success is not far away.   Please look at the future fixtures and visit Broomy hill to provide your support

15th Sept 2012

Ross Juniors 0 - 1 Reserves Burghill Cup

A victorious trip to south Herefordshire this saturday for the Reserves, as they progress into the next round of the Burghill cup. 

The opening exchanges reflected two nervous teams, and hosts looked as if they had a greater experienced squad, than the Hinton selection, but soon a youthful display appeared for the reserves as they increased their movement off the ball and started to create some spaces in the home midfield to work passes through for Steve Gosling, Brad Matthews, Callum Meale and Tim Edwards to advance goalward with.  It was with one of these attacks where a Edwards won a Free kick that Mark Chapman headed goalwards and was poked goalwards by Meale only for a defender on the line to kick clear.  This seemed to provide a morale boost to the Reserves, and the team spirit again rose.

The flow play wasn't all one way and Ross had a spritely formation of 3-5-2 that frequently attempted to release the forwards into a runing race on to goal, but Andrew Richards, Chris Woodward, Chapman and Ben Toye coped with well, and rarely relied on Jamie Combe in goal having to be called into keeping acction with his hands.

At the turn the scoreline was even, and the rolling subs came into play for the resrves as Connor Weaver, Connor Herbert, Simon Thompson, and Jack Harris all came into the game, as Hinton continued to grasp a stronger grip on the game, with Sam Wright and Jack Trattell gaining more ball time, and frequently releasing and overlapping Toye who must be wishing he was allowed to play on the right side so the stream of crosses he supplies would be more flowing for him?

The hosts were now being restricted to long shots that Combe was never troubled with until one dropped from these safe hands only to see the home player shot wide.  This was the walk up call, and finally the patience of the Reserves paid off as Meale advanced 20 yards to release Gosling who unchallenged placed the ball over the advancing keeper from 35 yards.

With 10 minutes to go, injuries required some minor chnages in the line up to continue, but victory was assured and deserved in a close game.  This game  will surely  provide some confidence for this squad.   Come on Hinton!

8th September

Reserves 1 - 2 Weobley HFA Junior cup

The early autumn sunshine bathed Broomy hill Saturday afternoon, as the youthful Reserves side took to the field against a visiting Weobley side who had experinced a season of success in the 2011-12 season.    Due to the Herefordshire prem game at Bartestree being cancelled due to Bartestree being unable to field a team, the Reserve side was bolstered with some late call ups  of Matt Ferriday, Steve Cuss and Shane Cuss.

The open exchanges were even with neither team able to grasp control until a deep corner from the clubhouse corner of the pitch was powered into the home from the edge of the box by the visitors.  This home sides open method of defending was also evident 5 minutes later when the Weobley won the ball in midfield as the home side struggled to find routes forward, and advanced through the middle  of the pitch to place the ball past Jamie Combe to double the lead within 15 minutes.

This scoreline prompted the lads into action and Ben Toye and Chris Woodward on the left side and Jack Trattell and Tim Edwards on the right found some opportunities to get crosses in, but unfortunately neither Steve Gosling or Callum Meale were apply the finishing touches to test the ability of the visitors keeper.  The increase in the standard of play continued when Steve Cuss thundered a shot from 20 yards that skimmed the junction of the post and the cross bar, and slowly the passing game expected by the Res manager appeared just as the break for halftime was indicated.

A two changes occurred at the break, with Matt Ferriday replacing Sam Wright, Jon Woodward for Tim Edwards, the fresh legs gave the boys a little more possession, and the home players attempted the close the arrears, but Weobley always looked dangerous from set pieces, and counter attacks.  This was keeping Liam Keenan,Steve Cuss, Toye and Trattell busier that desired! The introduction of Ricky Maund for Chris Woodward, and Connor Weaver for Meale, produced a goal imeadiately as Gosling chased down a visiting defender who released the ball to Weaver to fire home.  This lifted the spirits and the manager continued to use the rolling subs to introduce Jack Harris from Gosling, and bring back Wright for a tiring Shane Cuss.  The game continued with the vistors loooking for a long out balls and nearly increased their lead when they noticed Combe off his line only to see the long shot bounce off the bar.

The final stages saw Maund shoot just past the post, and Weaver try his luck from range, but unfortunately the equalising game evaded the home team, and they bowed out of the HFA junior cup


1st September

Reserves 1 - 1 Woofferton Res

The opening game of the season saw the reserves field a young team, with the experience being provided by Darren Birch, Steve Gosling, Jason Ratcliffe and Simon Thompson, against a Woofferton team.  The opening exchanges were good with boths teams looking to play a passing game and the whole width of the lush Hinton pitch.  Hinton edged the first 30 minutes with chances falling to Birch, Gosling and Tim Edwards who were all unlucky not have opened the scoring, this fell to Woofferton who punished some indecision in the Hinton defence from a corner to fire home.

The Hinton lads continued to press forward, and tested the resolve of the visitors on frequent occassions, until the break.

The return to play saw the hosts dominate play with the defence and midfield starting to contain the opponents, this possesion of played produceds a fine pass to Gosling who was then able to caress the ball over his shoulder to Tim Edwards to power into the roof of the net against the advancing goalkeeper.  A just reward for the increase in quality that the home side had produced since falling behind.

The game continued to be a close contest with both defences and keepers being called into action as the final minutes approached.  The use of the new rolling subs was used by both sides as the heat of the day took its affect on the opening league game for these two squads, but unfortunately this was not able to break the deadlock in the score line.

A good postive opening game for the reserve team, a great team spirit was on display, and this looks good start to the season.