2015 starts with a horrendous discovery at Broomy hill

January 2015 Starts with a horrendous discovery at Broomy hill.

It appears some people recently held a party in the small grandstand, and while this is not unusual in the stands history. The party continued to include the destruction of the seating and the littering of the area including it seems throwing the glass bottles at the dugouts, resulting in broken glass across the playing area!

The ground was too wet to pick the small pieces up this morning, and that will have to ...wait for a drier day, but thankfully the weather stopped the scheduled fixture this afternoon, otherwise we can only guess what could have happened if the glass was not spotted before the game?

Hinton Football club, is a volunteer run club, and we have to fundraise frequently to provide the facilities we have. This type of behaviour and the resulting damage incurring personal and financial damage to Hinton FC, the people who did this are from our community, some of us may even know them? They should be ashamed, and we are disappointed that they have chosen to provide little respect to our open facility.


Please share this post and lets inform the culprits their actions are not acceptable.